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Eye catching visuals of your product can translate into an increase in sales!

In recent years, the tube market has experienced impressive growth and we can assure you that demands are only going to increase for plastic tube packaging.

Offering more tube structures and material variations than any other supplier, Plastube is an ideal partner to accompany you in your launches of innovative products, either in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, industrial or food industry.

To ensure that Plastube meets all of its customers’ requirements in terms of visual design, it uses and combines various printing processes in order to embellish your product and make it stand out:

• Offset printing                    • Glossy Varnish
• Hot stamping                     • Satin Varnish
• Label                                    • Matte Varnish
• Silk screen
• Combination printing

To view the range of colors available and understand the procedures in order to ensure that your design is most successful, please click on the following link:

AMPLIFY LINE / TUBE with an Airless pump

Give your customers the upgrade skincare experience they seek with Amplify

Choosing the Amplify line is offering your customers an improved experience in skin care with :

A cleaner, more hygienic experience through controlled dispensing
Convenient, on-the-go use
All plastic, PurePathTM Airless pump for superior product protection
High levels of evacuation (>96%) for greater consumer value perception
Soft force-to-actuate for greater consumer comfort and control
Easy to activate
Designed for both coextruded or laminate tubes to capture the desired brand preference
Airless, PurePathTM technology for a more high-end feel
Plastube’s IMAGEFORM laminate tubes offer improved graphic quality and complex decoration combinations


When technology is used for high-end visual design

IMAGEFORM is the process of FLEXO and graphic printing technology applied on a laminated web.

The graphic expertise of FLEXO , the best technology in the industry, allows Plastube to offer multiple applications simultaneously, combining offset printing, silk-screen and/or hot or cold stamp impressions.

Because the tubes are formed after the visual design is produced and the head and the closure are added after the tube is finished, customers have access to a quicker manufacturing process and superior aesthetic characteristics, while reducing manufacturing costs.

Why choose the laminated structure / ABL-PBL
For higher-quality graphics
For access to combinations of intricate decorations
For an excellent value
For fast production time, specifically for large orders
For tubes made of 100% recyclable materials


A brilliant idea to stand out

Our ILLUMIFOIL tubes are produced in-house and are manufactured using an exclusive process. ILLUMIFOIL offers a high-level protection for your products through the addition of a protective barrier that protects the contents against all exterior elements. Being a seamless metallic tube resistant to deformation, ILLUMIFOIL is a privileged choice for products linked to the health and beauty markets.

With brilliant colors and a metallic shine, even the most complex visual design can be achieved. Just visualize your tube and Plastube will manufacture, print and bring it to life!

Why choose ILLUMIFOIL:
For access to a unique and exclusive process
To achieve combinations of intricate decorations
For a high-level protection through a protective barrier
For its metallic shine and color brilliance
For a privileged positioning in the health and beauty markets


When elegance and versatility go hand in hand

The extruded tubes are popular for their adaptability to meet all needs, primarily in the industrial, pharmaceutical and cosmetic markets.

We provide advice and expertise for a successful project using the extruded tubes, whether it be in monolayer or coextrusion. Thus, our employees will help you choose the best option, as appropriate:

Monolayer - If a barrier is not required, the polyethylene tube is the ideal packaging for your product.

Coextrusion - Coextrusion allows you to count on increased barrier.

Why chose between the extruded tubes in monolayers or coextrusion?
For its adaptability
For its vast array of colors in tube sleeve
For its ability to custom match colors
For its ability to service a smaller run sizes
For an excellent value
For plastic tubes made of 100% recyclable materials