Who we are | Mission

Our mission : Make your brand shine!

Leader in manufacturing, extrusion and tube decoration, Plastube’s team provides its customers with the best tube packaging solutions possible generating added value in terms of packaging.

For over 50 years, Plastube has studied the needs of its customers and of consumers in the Canadian and the US markets. Its exclusive technology and capabilities have earned Plastube with a highly known reputation for its plastic tube manufacturing.

Plastube has always been in the forefront in regards to its equipment and automation. Tracking the latest technology trends, allows the team to produce orders from the smallest to the largest, in multiple processes.

"Regardless of the industry, whether it be for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, industrial or food, we know that the aesthetic of your tube packaging plays a decisive role in consumers’ choices. At Plastube, our personalized service, our expertise and our innovation are the key points to our customer’s satisfaction and success."

- Gilles Decelles, President

Who we are | Customers

A Customer’s portfolio that says it all

Plastube is known for providing an innovative range of plastic tubes meeting quality manufacturing standards all the while pleasing the consumer’s needs.

As we all know, the visual design effect of a product is crucial in the consumer’s selection process. Well aware of this, our sales team members prioritize new developments in the global markets in order to exceed the consumer’s expectations.

By choosing Plastube our customers rely on the support of our dedicated employees. Their dedication is reflected in the aesthetics of the products they produce and in the quality of their customer service throughout the project.

Who we are | Plastube Quality Policy

Plastube Quality Policy

We want to become the preferred tube supplier in the plastic-packaging industry and Service companies in the Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, industrial, and food sectors.

Our clients are our first priority, and we are committed to continuously improving and ensuring our procedures work seamlessly for the people we serve.

We pay close attention to the market in order to make the right strategic decisions.

Every employee adds to our collective effort to master our procedures and provide you with a product that goes above and beyond.

Gilles Decelles

Caroline Rainville

President & CEO

Quality Assurance Manager

Who we are | Quality standards

“Thinking green”, Plastube’s management team strives to consider the impact on the environment in their decision making.

The company is committed to continuously strive to maintain and to improve current processes with the objective of protecting the environment with an emphasis on:

• Tube packaging recyclable materials
• Compliance in regulations for hazardous materials
• Energy and plastic tube material consumption reduction during manufacturing
• Fuel reduction by maximizing shipments

The company  has  also implemented a quality policy based on the full commitment from the Plastube’s team. This implementation has provided the improvement of Plastube’s efficiency in accordance with international standards ISO 9001:2008 and has ensured that the team can operate in a stimulating environment.

« Aware that your product is the result of many years of research and development we want to partner with you to provide the visibility and prestige your product deserves. Therefore, Plastube’s team offers you the opportunity to select each of the features and specifications that make your product unique. »

Steven MacPhail, Sales and Marketing Manager

Who we are | Our team

An experienced and committed team

With its  team of passionate, dynamic and talented employees, Plastube stands out in the world of manufacturing and of plastic tube decoration. Its reputation is largely based on its continuous investment in training enabling all of its employees to serve you better.

On the lookout for new methods in tube decoration, staff members regularly attend trade shows in search of innovative developments in decoration and design, in the tube industry.

We encourage you to contact a member of Plastube’s team to  see which tube will best fit your needs.

Who we are | Technology

Advanced technologies to meet the market’s requirements

Our equipment is configured to make our team more efficient when retooling, thus minimizing costs. By producing unique styles, we offer our customers more flexibility in their packaging design for their new products.

Close collaboration with our local plate suppliers allows us to offer our customers the latest technology while reducing processing time. The fact that we can also receive all art work electronically, contributes to this efficiency. In addition, each new art work is reviewed by a committee, including the plate supplier.

« Through its many years of experience and decorating knowledge, Plastube can provide guidance to our customers. It is this sharing of expertise that allows us to improve the quality of the final product while reducing the total cost of production. »